PixFlx Coin

Introducing an exciting new cryptocurrency!


The PixFlxCoin is stable. It has value tied to advertising and ecommerce giving it consistent value. Helping avoid the large fluctuations other cryptocurrencies are subject to.

High Performance

Built on a high performance platform supporting thousands of transactions per second this currency can expand to a massive scale.


Ledger Blockchain records have assigned hash of the combination of the current record and the proceeding record.

Proven Technology

The Ledger system it self is proven technology used for billions in transactions by the US Navy for tracking all appropriations from the Department Of Defense and other implementations by private corporations.



Achieves consensus with every transaction requiring the cooperation of a combination of 3 random server nodes acting as Originator, Agent and Notary functions.

Hash Check

Propagation of new records requires a matching hash check and confirmation of the transactions with the record’s listed Originator, Agent and Notary.

Ad Route

Network routes advertising and provides ecommerce payments service that pays for all currency functions, most are free.

Traditional Banking

PixFlxCoin ties into a debit card providing traditional banking services as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

Internally Controlled

All technology regarding currency transactions are specific to the PixFlx network, developed and controlled internally.

Selectable Video

The content provided to the public from the PixFlx network is monetized through ads as well as ecommerce using selectable video objects and mobile device secondary screen.

Media Player

The entire system is based on the media player that’s supported by the network, the network that supports multiple web site interfaces for public use controlled by the co-op partner companies.

Revenue Split

Revenue is divided dependent on the type of transaction, advertising or ecommerce. Content owners get 70% to 90%, consumers 1%, Miners 5% to 20%.

Advertising Split

Advertising Flow Chart

Ecommerce Split

Ecommerce Flow Chart



Photo of Joseph E. Lorkovic

Founder, and Inventor has over 20+ years of business management experience within technology business sectors primarily focused on strategic planning & ongoing project management with an ever increasing product strategy focus pertaining to high-potential emerging Smart TV combined with Second Screen TV interactivity.

Joseph E. Lorkovic
Photo of Devendra Mishra

After spending parts of five decades leading companies in the Media and Entertainment space such as Technicolor and RCA Records, Devendra currently serves as a Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business. He also holds leadership posts with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA).

Devendra Mishra
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